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Hi there! We’re a small studio in Sydney, Australia, and we like telling stories through visual design and illustration. Our goal is to delight our clients with lovingly crafted designs that stand out from the crowd.

Stay tuned! Our shiny new website will be ready in a jiffy. In the meantime feel free to drop us a line, or check out one of our projects below.


Nick Russoniello


Album art and tour poster


Nick Russoniello is a classical saxophonist who teamed up with the ARIA-nominated Acacia String Quartet to produce his debut album, Between Worlds.  Nick approached Green Peas for Breakfast to design artwork to reflect the intersection of classical, world and jazz music that his album explores. In thinking about how musical genres are often contained within their own little worlds and boundaries, we came up with the idea of illustrating a terrarium which, in itself, is its own little self-supporting ecosystem. The concept grew from there to include two terrariums, each containing a different ‘world view’. But the plants in the terrariums are breaking free and moving towards each other, which illustrates that musical intersection where two genres meet.