01. Fonts


Download and install the following fonts from the Google Fonts website:

Open Sans

DM Serif Display

02. Filler

Go to the Lorem Ipsum website and generate 8 paragraphs of filler text.

Lorem Ipsum


03. Image boxes

Download the following images for use in the exercise:

Download the images


04. Branding

Download the Big hART branding document:

Sure, I’ll download it


05. Templates

Download the media release template:



06. Logos

Download some logos and try to align them

I thought you’d never ask!


07. Trying everything out

Try out everything you’ve learned! Create an a4 document with the following:

  • Print ready, with bleed set up
  • A title page with a photo and the Big hART logo
  • Two or three internal pages showing:
    • The copy with typography hierarchy (big headings, sub-headings etc)
    • Images
    • A quote
    • A link to either a website, a video or an email address
    • A few logos, aligned and sized properly

Download assets